Should You Buy a Refurbished Sony A6000?

Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished Sony A6000 Camera.

Advantages of Purchasing Refurbished

Of course, the main advantage is cost. Many people simply cannot afford the latest photography equipment. Obviously, the principal benefit of refurbished models is that it allows an amateur photographer to acquire the very latest technology at a bargain rate.

Sony A6000 Refurbished

In addition, if correctly rebuilt, a Sony A6000 refurbished will offer exactly the same quality and function as one. If you are concerned about the quality of the rebuild, you may want to explore some of the manufacturers who refurbishes the Sony A6000 cameras and offers a warranty on these products.

Naturally, brand-new Sony A6000 will come with much longer warranties, but they also come with a much higher price tag. Therefore, it is worth weighing the cost of the Sony A6000 against the length of the warranty.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Refurbished

A refurbished Sony A6000, like any other refurbished product (regardless of where the rebuild has taken place) is a used product. If you have ever had a negative experience with a used product before, whether it was a washing machine, television or even a car, you may be naturally wary of purchasing a previously-owned Sony A6000 camera.

Unfortunately, you have no idea how well (or badly) the previous owner treated his or her equipment. Therefore, even if the rebuild was done properly, there could be underlying problems that will prevent the camera being useful to you in the long term.

There is a substantial financial risk in buying a refurbished Sony A6000 camera because the warranty may only be valid for 90 days. If after 91 days, it ceases to work, you have lost your money. Therefore, it is worth considering the cost of the Sony A6000 camera carefully.

Some refurbishing companies use after-market or used parts to rebuild the cameras. So, it is wise to inquire about the company’s policy. Ideally, you should only buy refurbished Sony A6000 cameras that have been rebuilt with new parts.