Canon 70D Lenses for Sharp Looking Pictures

Canon brings you the best quality equipment in photography and lenses for both amateur and professional photographers. The choice of the right lens for the situation and type of photography is critical in producing high-quality professional work. Below we review some of the best lenses for Canon 70D.

Best Canon 70D lenses for Portraits

Canon TS-E 90mm portrait lens for Canon 70D gives you complete control over the shift, tilt, and rotate adjustments. It enables you to place your subject matter at your preferred angle, from the location you are in to take a picture.

The TS-E 90mm tilt option allows you to adjust the objects to feature within the focus during a portrait shootout. Its Shift alternative will enable you to take control over perspective distortion. To take care of objects enhancement or correction, use this lens, instead of using photography software. TS-E 90mm rotate function presents absolute control over the sharpness of the focus when you take specific portraits.

Ideal lens for landscape photography

In landscape photography, a wide-angle lens from Canon is a perfect option. This wide-angle lens has various advantages, and among them is the ability to capture more prominent views than average and also allow the photographer to fit some large subjects rightly into the frame. A wide-angle lens is an essential thing, especially when taking photographs of landscapes, large buildings, a group photo, or a building’s interior. Canon wide-angle lenses are perfect for making an object look larger than usual.

The Canon’s EF-S 22mm USM is a high- quality, ultra-wide-angle lens available in the circuit. Similar to an EF-S model, the lens works on cropped-bodies. Its range is from sixteen to thirty-five millimeters which are perfect for shooting large buildings, cramped interiors, and landscapes.

Best lens for low light photography

Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Ultra Wide Tilt-Shift Lens

Excellence and refinement are essential elements in this unique lens with eight and a half degrees of tilt and twelve millimeters of the shift to capture the best perspective work.

If you know anyone who is a photography enthusiast, nature photographer, photojournalist, home user, or maybe you are considering about owning a Canon 70D 2 lens bundle, Canon offers a wide range of lenses to suit every photographer requirements.